“I’m an herbalist so I incorporate herbs in every meal or remedy I make.  Herbs are packed with nutrients but don’t always taste great.  When I learned about a fabulous Superfood Mix that contains the best superfood nutrients and great taste…I had to try it.  These organic, non-GMO, gluten-free smoothie mixes are my go-to meal replacement and I recommend it to anyone who asks me how to enhance their wellness.”                  –Lisa Mosbey

4 smoothie packs in a row

My Nutrition Advisor was founded by Dr. John Fitzgerald and Matt Fitzgerald. Dr. John owned the largest weight management office in North Carolina before moving to Las Vegas and working with professional MMA fighters. His successful strategy helped his cousin Matt reach his optimum fitness level and the two decided to spread the word and help others. If you are ready to get control of your wellness My Nutrition Advisor can help you. Dr. Johns program is focused on nutrition absorption. Together the Fitzgerald’s have formulated 4 Superfood Mixes which contain a blend of 20+ Superfoods and an easy to follow recipe book to prepare a balanced, nutritious smoothie.

Listen to nutrition and weight expert Dr. John Fitzgerald explain Superfoods.

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